BLOG: Black Rock Lodge: Welcome to the Jungle

Blogger, Ashley Smith, of “My Wanderlusty Life” stayed at Black Rock Lodge in January. We loved having her and love her entertaining and funny blog about her adventures on her visit with us. You’re welcome back anytime Ashley!

We dare you to read this excerpt and not want to click to read the whole thing:

“Staying at the Black Rock Lodge in western Belize was a dream come true. Specifically, the one where I find myself a guest of the owner in the newly constructed dinosaur park and that guy from Seinfeld is there. Only in reality it wasn’t so much an express helicopter entrance as it was a sweaty arrival via a repurposed 1970’s Bluebird school bus from Arizona. And instead of that guy from Seinfeld and some shaving cream canisters, it was a woman who yanked her breast out to feed her child who maintained eye contact with me the. entire. time.

However, there is a roaring river and trees with leaves as big as Jeff Goldblum. They’ve got lizards that look like Dilophosaurus, howler monkeys that sound like Tyrannosaurus, and to write this I’m using a Thesaurus. The similarities are UNCANNY…” READ MORE >