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At Black Rock Lodge, we are passionate and literate about all of the flora and fauna that surrounds us- but we have a particular love for birds. Our enthusiastic commitment to birdwatching, bird conservation, and bird research combine to make Black Rock the premier destination for birding in Belize. Perched above the scenic Macal River, the lodge is surrounded by some of Belize’s most bird-rich habitats. Across the river lies the Don Elijio Panti National Park, a 13,000-acre swath of luxurious rainforest that stretches from the banks of the Macal to the high slopes of the Mountain Pine Ridge. This scene provides a breathtaking viewscape from Black Rock Lodge’s famed open-air restaurant.

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Yes, when it comes to birds, Black Rock Lodge has it all.

Black Rock Lodge’s 242 acre location with over 1100 feet of elevation change from the Macal River to the various mountain peaks and canyon ridges, lends itself to viewing nearly 390 species of spectacular resident and migratory birds. The diversity of the lodge’s geological and habitat surroundings affords guests the ability to easily see a vast variety of both common and extremely rare species. When you combine our privileged forest location and our phenomenal expert guides in these local bird species, a magical birding experience awaits every single guest at Black Rock Lodge.

Belize Birding - Emerald Toucanet

Located on the banks of the beautiful Macal River and surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest, Black Rock Lodge is the ideal destination for discriminating birders. I recently had the pleasure of staying there and, as always, was quite impressed with its exceptional bird diversity and the unsurpassed expertise and congeniality of its bird guides—not to mention its exquisite cuisine and luxurious accommodations. If you are a birder, there is no better place to exercise your binoculars than at Black Rock Lodge!

H. Lee Jones,
Author of The Birds of Belize, Research Biologist and Environmental Consultant

Species We See

On the towering cliffs behind the lodge, a resident pair of Orange-breasted Falcons have made Black Rock their home for as long as we have records. Keel-billed Toucans, Collared Aracaris, and even the rare Northern Emerald-Toucanet, are a common daily sight in the trees around the lodge. Parrots of several species announce their presence each morning and evening as they pass over the river on their way to and from their favorite fruiting trees and nesting sites. Scaly-throated Leaftossers, Pheasant Cuckoo, Tody Motmot, and so many other forest species make residence a short walk on Black Rock’s extensive trail system.


Black Rock Lodge Welcomes Birding Groups

For the past few years in a row, we’ve proudly hosted the Mass Audubon Group and most recently, in 2018, VENT (Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours) joined us for a spectacular birding retreat.


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Birding FAQ

Why is Black Rock Lodge ideal for my next birding trip?
We pride ourselves in our expert guides, who can not only sight-identify our birds but hear them, call them and actually, spot them from a mile away. We have combed our marvelous grounds and know where to likely find species of particular interest. Eight of Black Rock’s eleven naturalist guides are among Belize’s top birding guides, with unbelievable experience and knowledge about all of the birdlife of Belize.
What if I am not an advanced birder?
You can’t help but catch the bird-watching bug. Stunning birds are everywhere during breakfast and walking to your room. Our naturalist guides are always available to point-out the exotic birds to all guests around the property. Just being at Black Rock Lodge will make you a bird-lover….and by the end of your stay - A BIRDER as well!

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We warmly invite you to explore and enjoy Black Rock for yourself - Birding is one of our top pride and joys. It would be pleasure and privilege to hosting your next Birding trip in Belize.

Meet our birding guides

Fully-licensed tour operators, Black Rock Expeditions offers every adventurous tour available in Belize on a daily basis. Each guide delivers superior guest services, skillful knowledge and the rare ability to connect for an amazing experience with each guest.
Fredy Pineda: The Bird Whisperer
Carlos Corrales: Over a Decade in Birding
Diego Cruz: Scientist Guide, Expert Bander
Roque Garcia: The Rookie
Isaias Moratoya: One of the Top Birders in Belize
Fernando Obando: Raptor Expert