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While Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) may be the ultimate cave journey for travelers in Belize- and one we definitely recommend visiting- the surrounding cave systems offer excitement in different ways for different types of adventurers. From floating down the river in an inner-tube to a thrill-inducing descent into a crystalline wonderland, there’s a fun cave experience for every type of traveler in Belize.

Passage into many of the caves can only be facilitated by a few highly trained and experienced guides. At Black Rock Lodge, our guides understand the importance of preservation and bringing the history and culture of the Maya to life. We have 10 of the country’s best guides on staff, with unbelievable experts in each site. When booking a Belize cave tour through us, you’ll be ensuring quality and authenticity on adventures in Belize.


Che Chem Ha Cave “Cave of the Poisonwood Tree”

Adventure Excursion | Moderate

A Treasure Trove of Ancient Mayan Artifacts

Get ready for a world-class adventure when visiting Che Chem Ha Cave in the jungle of the Vaca Plateau. Not only does trekking to this cave provide an adrenaline-rush, what lies within the cave will delight travelers, as well. Che Chem Ha holds a treasure trove of ancient Mayan artifacts and artwork. The mouth of the cave is adorned with Mayan motifs and the interior chambers are lined with antiquities, notably an assortment of jars called, “Ollas.” One will also encounter other ancient artifacts such as lids, pots, and even some ceremonial seeds and maize.

Che Chem Ha was discovered-accidentally – by a local farmer from the Morales family, who was chasing his dog when he came upon the site. Today, the family still lives nearby and facilitates entrance into the cave. Only a certified guide can lead guests to this natural wonder and to get there, one must first tackle the serene but active 40-minute climb that starts at the Morales farm. The activity level for this excursion is more advanced and requires climbing ladders and holding onto ropes to view the artifacts. Visitors will find the challenge was worth it when entering the last chamber where Mayan ceremonies once took place.

Tour departs: 7:30 am, full day tour

Age Limit: 8 years old

Drive time: 45 minutes each way

What to wear/bring: Shorts or lightweight pants, t-shirt, hiking shoes, a small backpack, US or BZ dollars for petty cash. Cameras are allowed inside this cave. Use of sunscreen and insect repellent are strongly discouraged by the government authorities.

Included: Entry fees and equipment

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Crystal Cave

Adventure Excursion | Challenging

A Journey Into The Mayan Underworld

Descend deep into the Mayan underworld with a thrilling adventure into the Pantheon of caves, the Crystal Cave. Known locally as the Mountain Cow, the journey to the cave will challenge your physical stamina and ignite your sense of adventure. The trip starts with a scenic drive to the Blue Hole National Park, which is a protected area managed by the Belize Audubon Society. Next, a 50-minute hike through the lush rainforest provides plenty of excitement as you tackle the steep terrain towards the cave entrance. You’ll be enchanted by the tropical scenery while working up a sweat on your climb!

At the cave’s entrance, you’ll descend down a 15-foot drop by rope into the mouth of the Crystal Cave. Here you will enter what the Mayans believed to be the realm of the underworld- Xibalba! The thrill continues as you navigate narrow passageways, mudslides, and traverse across rock faces. But if you’re wondering where Crystal Cave gets its moniker, it’s from the stalactite, stalagmite, and flowstone formations that give the cave a crystalline appearance. At the end of the cave lies a chamber of crystal formations called the Wonder Land where things really shine.

Like many of the cave in Belize, visitors will also spot ancient Mayan ceremonial fire pits, artifacts, and the skeletal remains of sacrificial victims.

The Crystal Cave provides excitement, challenge, and adventure for those ready for the thrill of their lives!

NOTE: This tour is very challenging and requires a good level of fitness and physical ability.

Tour departs: 7:30 am, full day tour

Age Limit: 12 years old and above

Drive time: 2 hours each way

What to wear/bring: Shorts, t-shirt, hiking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, repellent, US or BZ dollars for petty cash.

Included: Entry fees, equipment rental, lunch.

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Cave Tubing – Nohoc  Che’en

Adventure Activity | Adventure Excursion | Easy

A free-flowing river ride / River Floating Cave Explorations

Sit back, relax, and go with the (river) flow through a prehistoric cave system. Inner-tubing through the Nohoch Che’en is the ultimate way to enjoy the Caves Branch River and experience the wonders of the jungle. As you float down the archaeological reserve, using only your headlamp to light the way, you’ll glide past statues of Mayan fertility gods, pottery, stalactite formations, and may even spot a few bat colonies. The river continues to meander in and out of the cave systems and past an underground waterfall that leads to the “Crystal Cathedral.” Here you’ll learn how the indigenous inhabitants use the cave for ceremonial purposes.

This family-friendly adventure is a great way to learn about the geology and history of the area, while also enjoying a relaxing time.

NOTE: Some underground hiking and jungle trekking is required.

Tour departs: 8:30 a.m.

Age Limit: 6 years or 42 inches tall

Drive Time: This adventure is a perfect stop to or from Belize City/Belize International Airport. This will be a saving in both time and travel as Nohoch Che’en is located almost exactly halfway either way. As a stand-alone tour from the lodge – 1.5 hours one way.

What to wear/bring: Swimming costume, shorts, t-shirt, water shoes, and a set of dry clothing

Excluded:  Entry fee and lunch

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St Herman’s Blue Hole National Park

St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park is located twelve miles southeast of Belmopan on the right side of the beautiful Hummingbird Highway. The park has two entrance areas with parking. At the St. Herman’s Cave entrance, you will find a picnic area, visitor center, gift shop, and trail heads. The second entrance provides easy access to the Blue Hole, a picnic area, restrooms, changing rooms as well as other trails. St Herman’s Cave. The cave contains beautiful speleothems and Mayan artifacts. After a guided tour through St. Herman’s Cave, you can float peacefully back to the entrance of the cave on an inner tube.

What makes this tour unique is the sapphire blue sinkhole or cenote hidden in the jungle. The Inland Blue Hole is an artesian well with azure crystalline water flowing to the surface.

The two sites are linked by a walking trail and require a short hike to get from the cave to the sinkhole.

The St Herman’s Cave & Blue Hole is recommended as a stop en route to the south for guests heading to or from Hopkins or Placencia- as it is located on the Hummingbird Highway which links Western Belize to the south of the country. It’s a great stop for a quick refreshing swim and a great spot for birders.

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Barton Creek Cave Canoeing

Much like Nohoch Che’en, Barton Creek’s waterways flow through the cave and is one of Belize’s most unusual natural wonders. Entrance to the cave can only be accessed via canoe and it’s cathedral-like chambers make it one of the easiest caves to visit. While canoeing through the cave you’ll see cultural artifacts, skeletal remains, and geological formations. For the more adventurous, there’s an option to swim to the farthest chambers once inside the cave.

The water here springs up from the underground rivers, making it cool and refreshing for those who want to take a dip.>

Tour departure time: 8:30 a.m.

Drive Time: 1 hour

What to wear/bring:  Swimming costume, shorts, t-shirt, water shoes, and a set of dry clothing

Age Limit: 6 years

Excluded:  Entry fee, lunch

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