Black Rock Belize
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Belize... Belize... Just what is Belize?
Belize is my home!
Belize is home to about 250,000 others.
Belize is a country just South of Mexico.
Belize is a country just East of Guatemala.
Belize is a nation of Belizeans of every colour and creed.
Belize is a nation of Belizeans of every nationality.
Whether you've only just moved to Belize
or your family has been here for centuries,
you are a Belizean from Belize!
Belize was refered to a the "Jewel of the Caribbean Basin" for decades.
Now Belize is simply "The Jewel"!
If you hear a Belizean speaking of Belize,
he'll will often refer to his country simply as "Our Jewel"
Or rather, in one the languages of Belize, Creole, as "Fi wee Jewel"!
Belize is a democratic country full of friendly faces.
Belizean faces as diverse as any country under the sun.
Belize has musicians, Belize has firemen, Belize has welders and mechanics,
Belize has teachers, doctors, and veterinaries,
Belize even has lawyers and policemen a (but their not used too often!)
Belize has mountains and valleys
Belize has rivers, lakes, lagoons, and sea
Belize has green jungle, tan savanahs, pristine habitats,
towns and villages and even a couple small cities
(if you could call'em that!)
Belize has granite boulders, limestone cliffs, a 1000 foot water fall,
rapids, caves, shale and quartz
Belize has cattle and chickens, fresh fruits and vegetables
Belize has Jaguars and Peccaries, Jabirus and Toucans,
Kinkajous and Quatimundis
Belize has so much including the most important thing
my heart...
It is my pleasure to welcome you to my home:
River Lodge Belize


Thanks for visiting our site...and we hope to see you at our lodge soon!